Guerillatics is a conservative blog. If you are: on welfare, unemployment, sucking off the teat of government in anyway, a socialist, a democrat or republican, male or female this blog is here to inform you that you are entitled to nothing and that need is not a claim.

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  • Wolfgang Riggins

    Thats the idea here. To throw PC out the window. Call a spade a spade. Facts are stubborn things and if someone doesn’t like them, I don’t particularly care.

  • bry

    I agree. We need more sites like this. PC is out of control. I run idiots4obama.com because Obama supporters are idiots. Lets not sugarcoat it.

  • Bill Whitfield

    It is about time there was a website that doesn’t play Political Correctness Bull! No one deserves anything in this life if they are not willing to work for it, period! I am a Disabled Vet and now medically retired. I worked my whole life, from the time I was 12 years old, chopping cotton and hoeing peanuts for farmers, even going door to door selling garden seeds and Christmas cards. There is work if a person really wants to work, even if it is not what they want to do, it will be a job until something better comes along. I have no sympathy for welfare bunnies at all!

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