You’re a racist! Give me a loan!

If you recall liberal democrats led by Barney Frank nagged, pestered, and finally threatened the banks to give mortgages to folks that couldn’t afford to pay them back under the guise of helping the needy, underprivileged, and minorities. Eventually… as you all know, this foolishness of loaning people money who couldn’t pay it back led to the real estate bubble and to its eventual collapse. This was the root cause the collapse of the economy.

Well…Its happening again, only a few years after it caused the financial breakdown of 2008 the government is again interfering in the free market. In its infinite wisdom it is again pressuring and threatening banks to make loans to certain groups of people that any prudent person can see is foolish and unwise.

The Justice Department has “asked” several banks to “relax” their mortgage underwriting standards for minorities as part of a crackdown on alleged discrimination according to court documents reviewed by Investors Business Daily (See the July 11th issue).

This time their angle is a bit different. Instead of claiming that the governments interest is to increase home ownership of the “underprivileged”, its attack is much more specific and vile. It is accusing the banks of racism.

The overused threat that “You’re a racist” used constantly by liberal Democrats is again being employed by the Obama Administration, this time the Justice department.

This threat and the notion that we MUST help those of color and the underprivileged despite sound financial reason and judgement has plundged this country into one of the greatest recessions we have ever seen, and yet government insists on doing it again. Why? What is their intent? Clearly they know that loaning people money that can’t pay it back isn’t good for the economy but they don’t seem to care. In fact they want to repeat this nonsense so badly they are using one of the most serious accusations one can hurl at ones enemy to make it happen.

It seems that no matter the issue or how clearly the left has been shown to be wrong, the attack “YOU’RE A RACIST!” is their default position. They know that calling someone a racist is a wonderful tool of manipulation and will move people to both action or in-action whichever the accuser chooses. Currently the Justice Dept is counting on action by the banks to loan “minorities” money for housing, and others are counting on inaction by anyone suggesting personal responsibility for minorities. I hope the banks and you the reader ignore any and all racist accusations; our country and economy depend on it.

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  • thx1138v2

    The answer to “YOU’RE A RACIST!” is “YOU’RE WRONG! PROVE IT!”

  • thx1138v2

    ‘What is their intent?” See the political cartoon from 1934 at the following link. If you do the research on the named characters you will find an amazing number of similarities to the current adminstration. It’s the Plan, the whole Plan, and nothing but the Plan. The same as FDR’s paln in 1934. OWS, Agenda 21, Patriot Act, etc. are the means to the goal.

    The Plan

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