Social Security Benefits…Have You Earned Them? Probably Not.

Try suggesting to someone who is receiveing social security benefits that they should be amenable to a reduction in their benefits and you will likely see why our politicians are loath to touch this so called third rail. I’ve tried it, and I can tell you that the discussion can be somewhat acromonious. 

The very first thing the recipient will tell you, or more likely yell at you is “I paid into the system and I’m entitled to that money! I earned it!”. Well… yes and no. You are entitled to the money you receive because the government says you are, but after a certain period of time you haven’t earned all that you receive and are living off of the backs of other people and at that point you are a welfare recipient plain and simple.

A worker who’s salary was in the average range for most of his working career will collect ALL of his social security taxes back after only four years. So…Mr. Recipient get off your high horse, you are on welfare.

Entitlement programs like Social Security are contributing enormously to our annual budget deficit and consequently our national debt. The national debt is now at 14 trillion dollars and growing. And today, Monday April 18, 2011, Standard & Poor’s issued a stark warning to Washington , cutting its outlook on US sovereign debt for the first time and throwing more fuel on the raging debate over America’s swollen deficits. 

If we are to correct the problem, it will require tampering with the so-called political third rails of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. They make up 62 percent of federal spending, annually; and unless they are brought under control our economy and quite possibly the republic will collapse under the enormous debt.

The Social Security program was a program designed for…wait for it….wait for it…SOCIAL SECURITY! It is NOT a retirement program.  It was meant as an insurance program to prevent one from entering into poverty caused by the hazards and vicissitudes of life. If you are not in need you should not be receiving benefits. Means testing should be instituted immediately and payments should be stopped for those with incomes above $40,000.

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  • Steve Redder

    censorship wolfbane is the final act of a coward.

    • Wolfgang Riggins

      I didn’t censor your comments. They are here somewhere. I changed the way comments are displayed. New comments are now at the top and old at the bottom. Not sure what happened as your comment and my reply should be here.

      Why don’t you go buy a new bike with my money and put your old one back in the dumpster where you found it.

      • Steve Redder

        Your money? It is MY money! I have worked and paid taxes for decades. Nevertheless, I am going to buy a new bike. ( I still use my old dumpster bike for collecting cans $674.00 a month SSI check does not go far.)

        • Wolfgang Riggins

          I don’t begrudge you reclaiming your money, but, once you’ve collected beyond 4 yrs, its MY money.

          • Steve Redder

            Hopefully I will be dead by then. I am not enjoying my pain.

            • Wolfgang Riggins

              Get a job (to occupy your mind), and take drugs if you must.

              Stop wishing time away.
              You’re not alone in your pain and we’ll all be dead soon enough.

              • Steve Redder

                Job? Can’t, I will lose my SSI. I am F–ked up anyway– nobody hires people like me to much liability. ( I do christian counseling when I am feeling up to it–migraines remember ? ) The federal box is very small with very strict rules-as to the drugs I take lots of drugs –I would have put a gun to my head months ago without them.

                • wolfgang

                  Hey Stevie,
                  Look what your buddy Obama did today. He created another entitled group. Unfortunately for me as a straight white guy I don’t qualify. Seems if your anything but straight and white you get preferential treatment for government jobs. Another win for your side (marxist).

                  • Steve Redder

                    Why do you assume I support Buckwheat? ( I do not .)To bad for you . I am straight and white and now qualified for preferential treatment. Feels good!Subsidized housing; rent is 30% of my $674.00 a month SSI payment, food stamps, Medicaid -no co-pay on doctors visits and most of my drugs . Yes indeed life is good on the federal dole!!!Keep working wolfbane … keep slaving away and paying your taxes so I can continue to live the GOOD life!!!!!

  • Joe Pedterson

    If the government would quit inflating the money
    a lot more people would be secure.

  • I have worked for over 45 years,45 being the number of years worked as a tax-payer. I am on Medicare now but have to pay $110 a month in order to keep it. I am well aware that all the revenue that I’ve paid into the system is less that what I may receive if I live long enough. The problem is that much of the taxes that I and others have paid over 30 or more years go for too many in the system who literally make a ‘career’ of not working but their living is made off of me! This is disgraceful and definitely a form of theft. So because of all my years work(and still working)’I’ am ENTITLED to some of my money to be returned. Those who have never worked prefer,because of our ‘socialist’ government,stealing from me! The Golden Goose is becoming barren…..who is going to provide the ‘nest eggs’ when all the golden geese become extinct?

    • Wolfgang Riggins

      I don’t disagree with you. Its my opinion that ALL of your money should be returned to you and should not have been taken from you in the first place.

      My reason for writing the article was to inform those that believe they have a “Right” to collect beyond 4 years are mistaken. Its not their money, its the money of someone currently working AND someone in the future who will be working.

      Its pure socialism and it is placing an incredible burden on future generations.

  • Wolfgang Riggins

    If you define ass as someone who states the facts as they are regardless of how others feel about them, then yes I am an ass. A huge ass.

    I suspect you feel that way because the facts destroy any notion you have about yourself being an independant man who has worked for what he has. Make no mistake bud, you are living off of the labor of others.

    Are you disabled? Are you unable to support yourself? I suspect not and that you are using SS as a “retirement” program for which it was never meant to be. Even if you are disabled I feel no obligation to support you, your family can do that and if they won’t, why the hell should I?

    Call me an ass or any vile name you like, hate me, wish death on me, I couldn’t care less. Just keep your “entitled” hands out of my pocket.

    P.S. I am much, much older than 20 something.

  • Ken Kirkham

    As I re-read your posts I have to laugh. You state “When someone points out facts that you don’t like, instead of addressing what I said, or trying to disprove it you start calling people names like a 5 year old.”

    I called you an ass, that’s true (you are). But let’s look at your name calling; “you are a leech” and “You seem a bit slow” and “pal”. I have not seen pal used in such a derogatory manner since high school (maybe not a 5-year old’s attitude but just as childish.

    You actually do have a point but it is lost in your arrogant and over generalized assertions. You are also gullible in your thinking that what you read are “facts”. Find any government agency that doesn’t cook the books to make their programs look as if they benefit those who use that system.

    I would be very happy to get rid of Medicare and if the money stolen from me by SS was returned I would also be happy to get rid of SS.

    I would guess you are a 20-something who is just pissed off about having to pay SS. Well, the good news for you is that the economy will collapse long before you are going to be needing SS. You can show all of us who are so pathetic as to actually think we were investing in something that we would collect on 50 years later.

    Perhaps you are so much of a MAN that you could not possibly ever have life hand you a challenge you could not handle. Congratulations, you are amazing, wonderful and the only person on the planet so bright that all of us mere mortals should be in awe.

    May you live to be 200 and get everything you deserve.

  • Ken Kirkham

    Actually your facts are easy to dispute. The numbers you use are from 4 different studies that not only distort the outcome but do not consider all of the factors because the “economists” involved do not agree on all items. One assumption is that the employer’s portion of SS is not used in the computation. In reality employers count that percentage as a benefit for that employee for accounting purposes so it should be included.

    That single assumption changes the 4 years in your claim to over 9 years for the average payback. This also depends on your earnings over a lifetime of work being below, at or above average. For those of us who have paid in the maximum amount for nearly all of our working life will find a ROI of just over 2%. That also calculates out to over 22 years for a payback period.

    Your blanket statement simply contains far too many assumptions to be valid.

    You do have your opinion and I respect your opinion but please understand that it is nothing more than an opinion. Your facts are based on assumptions that are easily shown to be flawed.

    Your quote ” The bottom line is if you collect from ss for on average 4 years, you have collected every dime you paid into the system.” may be correct for specific individuals but certainly not all and when I start to collect SS in a couple of years it will take me 22 years to get my money back.

    • wolfgang

      MY statement was that YOU recoup YOUR payments(not your employers)in 4 yrs. So my statement was correct. Yes it would take 9 if you included your employers

      2% ROI? Not sure what you mean. The money you pay into the system is not invested it is spent. So any ROI you receive is nothing more than addtional money you take out of the system, that has been paid into by others. So I dont consider this point of yours valid.

      The amount earned and paid in over a lifetime was taken into account in the study.

      I stand by my statement that the money that came directly out of YOUR pocket is recouped in only 4 years.

  • Wolfgang Riggins

    I’m just stating the facts. The bottom line is if you collect from ss for on average 4 years, you have collected every dime you paid into the system. So quit deluding yourself that it’s your money, it’s not, you are collecting my money.

    You are whats wrong with the country. When someone points out facts that you don’t like, instead of addressing what I said, or trying to disprove it you start calling people names like a 5 year old.

    Check my facts pal. I got them from the social security website.

    • Chris Clark

      You got your facts from the SS website? Really? and the government never tells a lie. They make interest off of the money we pay in and we are entitled to it. It is OUR money that they waste. Youliberals just cant get it through your head.

      Oh and for anyone that doesnt know, YOU CAN OPT OUT OF SOCIAL SECURITY AT ANY TIME YOU LIKE. I opted out 20 years ago and havent paid in since and dont plan to ever recieve anything from them. I will take care of myself thank you.

  • Ken Kirkham

    I have been paying into SS for over 50 years. Calling SS an entitlement is simply BS. I was forced to “invest” in this system. I am still being forced to invest in this system. If, and it is a big “if” I live past 95 I will have received my “entitlement”. SS is an “entitlement” when an illegal who has NOT paid into the system is allowed to receive benefits.

    OH, and you don’t have to be a liberal to be an @ss.

  • Kenneth Paul Russell

    Riggins; you sir don’t really have a clue as to what your talking about.
    First, the money that the Feds. collected under the guise of SS. was never kept in the fund where it could have drawn interest over the years. That interest along wit moderate increases would have been more than enough to sustain the fund. Nope. The Feds just couldn’t stand to see that money sit there and gain interest, so they in all their wisdom decided to use it to buy votes! They doled it out to the kids of deceased parents in monthly checks, they paid for college educations,even to those how parent(s) were incarcerated for breaking our laws.
    I remember in 1973 there was talk of letting us having the decision to either stay in the SS system or opt. out with an IRA. The IRA would be worth over $1,000,000.00 (that’s one million dollars), and that was the average amount, by some calculations the amount far exceeded two million dollars! I know what I’m talking about,I sold IRAs for Met Life at the time.
    That’s not even taking into account the death benefit that would be paid out, in the event of death after the owner died,(the total sum of the balance that was not paid!)SS pays a $250.00 death benefit, and no other money is paid out.
    The fact is that the congress is addicted to this money, they just can’t keep their hands off it.
    Well your dead wrong Mr. Riggins!
    It’s not like we paid into this system a few years, and then gain a great win-fall ! We have paid into it our whole lives and we will be very damn”LUCKY” to break even !
    Oh your little charts and grafts are cute, but they don’t mean shit. They are as inaccurate as you are with your twisted “facts”
    Do us all a favor and crawl back into your liberal hole, and be quiet.

    • Wolfgang Riggins

      Your simply wrong. The numbers I used were from the social security administration.

      I’ll repeat it for you. You seem a bit slow. You collect every dime you have paid into the system after 4 years. After that you are being supported by others. You can deny this if it makes you feel better, but these are the facts from the social security administration.

      Lastly you might want to read the definitions of liberal and conservative. I am not a lib by any stretch.

      • Chris Clark

        Yes Riggins you might be right about “you get out what you paid in” but I will tell you what. The money YOU put into a 401K, thats all you get back no interest. The money you put in the bank, thats all you get out NO interest, the money you put in other investments, thats all you get out no interest. You want to play by those rules????? I put money into SS I EXPECT to reap the rewards of the interest THAT MY MONEY ACCRUED. Yes I said MY MONEY. You want all of us to believe that only the government is due the interest. YOUR AN IDIOT.

    • RobW

      Mr. Riggins, as was mentioned above, the money paid into the system was meant to accrue interest over the 40 years that the contributor worked. With that in mind, their contribution would be worth many times the initial contribution amount, so while I certainly don’t dispute that SS is in trouble; you base your calculations on a static amount and not the true amount after interest accrual. It’s curious that you mention that one of the commenter’s sounds like a lobbyist when you wield your statistics in a similar fashion. The beginning of the end for SS was when our fine politicians voted to add SS funds to the general fund and spend it just as irresponsibly as they spend most of the tax payer’s money.

      • Wolfgang Riggins

        The money taken from us by the ss admin is not invested it is spent so how exactly is there going to be a return on ones money?

        • Chris Clark

          You are really truly asking us to believe that the federal government makes no interest AT ALL on the money we pay into the system. If you believe that you really ARE an idiot. Thats like saying just because I put money in the bank the bank doesnt loan it out to others. You put 100,000.00 in the bank, trust me within a few days the bank has loaned it out to sombody and they are making interest off of it. So is the government. How do you think they keep lending money to other countries???

  • shane

    Oh boy am I going to get censored here? Or are you even going to allow my arguement at all? Or are you going to block it because it proves your point is bullshit

  • shane

    Look why dont you point out Medicare and Medicaid. Isnt one of those you just give to anymore. Stop fucking paying for illegals to go to the fucking doctor. Thats how we can save money. Not taking it from the elders who WORKED for their money and helped build this great nation. Seriously this is one reduculously flawed arguement. I can tell you PLENTY of ways for us to save money without it coming from the elders. Stop giving money to international students and worry about our childrens educations. Thats another way. Shit I can keep going on man. FUCK EVERYONE ELSE. WORRY ABOUT OUR SOLDIERS AND OUR ELDERS AND OUR CHILDREN. NOT about someone elses bullshit.

    • Wolfgang Riggins

      You are like a lobbiest in washington. You want everyone else to have their programs cut but not yours.

      I agree that ALL the programs you mentioned need eliminated. Social security should be eliminated as well.

      You cant eat your cake and have it too. You are either for a nanny state or you are not.

  • shane

    I am sorry but some of those people do deserve it. Are you telling me that after someone who retires at a proper age gets all back that he put in that he should have to go work again for more money? Seriously this is pretty much the dumbest unmoral arguement I have heard in a LONG LONG time. Some people are not able to work when they get older due to medical reasons and no I do not believe in a nanny state, but I beleive we should take care of our elders and our wounded soldiers. You want to help the fucking economy. Get all those damn niggers off foodstamps and welfare and make their fat asses get to work. Take all those damn loser white fuckers who claim mental illness as an excuse for laziness. Not take it away from our elders or our childrens future when they are elders. Some people need our help but most of the younger ones do not yet we still give them foodstamps and welfare checks while they do drugs and keep making babies we have to pay for.

    • Wolfgang Riggins

      You are for a nanny state. You are for the nanny state that takes care of you. Social security is indeed bankrupting our country, look at the numbers.

      You very eloquently said “Take all those damn loser white fuckers who claim mental illness as an excuse for laziness.”
      That my friend is part of social security. The program needs either eliminated or reformed. It is a mess, but people like you, flip out when someone proposes change because you don’t really know the facts.

      By the way, a proper retirement age is when YOU can afford it. Don’t look to me to pay for your retirement. Social security is NOT a retirement program it is called SOCIAL SECURITY.

      The bottom line is deep down you are a leech. You feel you have a right to my labor. I don’t believe you do. Your try to make this a moral argument with you maintaining the high ground. You couldn’t be more wrong. Taking my money against my will is morally wrong. Just because it is codifide into law does not make it moral.

    • RaeMarie

      No, the answer is that people should start saving for their retirement from the time they start working until the time they retire. Then they wouldn’t “need” social security to live on; it would be a supplement at best. This is the way it was intended to be. Social security was only created to help people who lived beyond the average life expectancy. Back when it started, the average life expectancy for men was 58 and for women it was 62, but benefits didn’t start until you reached the age of 65!
      Now people STILL start collecting at age 65, but the average life expectancy in 2010 for men was 75.7 and for women was 80.8. This is why SS is no longer sustainable. Social Security is not supposed to be your retirement/pension plan. People have somehow convinced themselves that it is and so they do not save enough during their lifetimes. Even if you earn a modest income, if you put 10% of your pay away every month for your entire working life, you would have enough to retire on.

      As for the other incredibly crass and racist things you said, I can’t believe people still talk and think like you; it is pathetic.

      Yes, welfare reform is needed (which was done in the 1990’s and helped the budget tremendously – but then later undone by the Bush and Obama administrations). All of these are budget busters and need to be fixed.

      • Wolfgang Riggins

        Right on!! Unfortunately though your argument is replete with logic and sound reason, both of which are completely ignored by people who are trying to justify their so called entitlement.

  • Sgt. Malone

    I’m more than willing to take a hit on my social security if it would help my country’s economy as soon as:
    ..We cease foreign aid to the penny!
    ..Cut politian’s perks/salaries to include junkets.
    ..Completely eliminate ear marks (pork)to the penny.
    ..Require work for welfare. (Street cleaning, etc)
    ..And the list goes on. Get my drift Wolfgang? Next!!!!!

    • RobW

      I completely agree. The initial cuts should come from subsidizing countries that hate us or give us no benefit for the money given to them. Welfare recipients should work for their benefits. SS should be on the block only after all the other far more wasteful spending is cut.

  • Henry

    Get rid of the Federal Reserve Bank if you really want to help our economy. It will never be fixed by nickel and dimming the American people. I’m no fan of the SSA, but they are not the problem here…

    • Wolfgang Riggins

      The fed is printing because it must fund entitlement programs among others; as more money goes out than comes in. If these entitlement programs did not exist the fed would not need to print and devalue my money as readily as they do. But I’m with you..end the fed.

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