U.S. Department of Justice Dumbs Down Test For Blacks.

More evidence that Martin Luther Kings dream is dead, and its government that killed it. The content of ones character does not matter, only the color of ones skin, so much so that you can be a complete idiot and get a job as a policeman.
The government loves to pick winners and loosers and clearly the government is attacking white folk and blacks with a brain.
This policy will not only put the public at risk by creating sub standard cops, but it will justifiably call in to question the competance of black cops.
DAYTON — The Dayton Police Department is lowering its testing standards for recruits.

It’s a move required by the U.S. Department of Justice after it says not enough African-Americans passed the exam.    

Dayton is in desperate need of officers to replace dozens of retirees.  The hiring process was postponed for months because the D.O.J. rejected the original scores provided by the Dayton Civil Service Board, which administers the test. 

Under the previous requirements, candidates had to get a 66% on part one of the exam and a 72% on part two.

The D.O.J. approved new scoring policy only requires potential police officers to get a 58% and a 63%.  That’s the equivalent of an ‘F’ and a ‘D’.

 “It becomes a safety issue for the people of our community,” said Dayton Fraternal Order of Police President, Randy Beane.  “It becomes a safety issue to have an incompetent officer next to you in a life and death situation.”

“The NAACP does not support individuals failing a test and then having the opportunity to be gainfully employed,” agreed Dayton NAACP President Derrick Foward.

The D.O.J. and Civil Service Board declined Dayton’s News Source’s repeat requests for interviews.  The lower standards mean 258 more people passed the test. The city won’t say how many were minorities.

“If you lower the score for any group of people, you’re not getting the best qualified people for the job,” Foward said.

“We need to work with the youth and make them interested in becoming law enforcement officers and firefighters,” said Beane.  “Break down the barriers whether they are real or perceived, so we can move forward in this community.”

The D.O.J. has forced other police departments across the country to lower testing standards, citing once again that not enough black candidates were passing.    

The Dayton Firefighter recruit exam is coming up this summer.  The chief said it’s likely the passing score for that test will be lowered as well.Civil Service Board Announces Police Recruit Scores

6 comments to U.S. Department of Justice Dumbs Down Test For Blacks.

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  • Buster Sims

    Why Not?? Everything else in the USA has been Dumbed Down for the colored folk

  • Sgt. Malone

    Mr. Forward was taken behind the woodshed by his national org following his comments in support of higher testing standards. I’d be surprised if he hasn’t been relegated to washing squad cars by now!

  • casey madden

    If you still hire the top % does it matter who passed?

    • Wolfgang Riggins

      If it takes only 50% to pass the test or if the questions are so easy a child could anwer them, then you cant tell the intelligent from the idiots, so yes it matters.

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