Multiculturalism– “United We Stand, DIVIDED We Fall”.

Multiculturalism is not about people of all colors and creeds holding hands under a rainbow. It is the exact opposite. It is state endorsed seperatism that encourages people not to assimilate and not to integrate which causes all sorts of problems.  A culture that is not united and is instead composed of many factions and groups with diametrically oppposed views, will develop fissures and cracks that will degrade and soon destroy it. Look at Europe; in the last few months, 3 of Europes leaders; Nicholas Sarkozy, David Cameron, Angela Merkel have finally admitted that multiculturalism is a failure and that their countries are suffering because of it.

Multiculturalism is another form of political correctness that insists that we accept completely other cultures even though many of the characteristics of these other cultures are destructive and provide a less than desirable way to live.  Like it or not, some cultures are better than others and to pretend otherwise is foolish;  some allow for more freedom, they are more stable,  they are more successfull economically, edcucation and family is held in high regard, and they don’t cut the heads off of those they disagree with etc. Currently, the the Unites States is undeniabley the most successful culture on the planet. WE have the largest economy in the world, WE have the most freedom, and  WE have the highest standard of living  because of the way we live and govern ourselves.  By what twisted bit of logic should we incorporate the failed policies and pratices of other cultures? Any reasonalble person would look at our success and want to replicate that success by doing what were doing, however this is not the case.  The groups currently “pushing”  multiculturalism come from countries where they have proven their ideas and practices do not work as is evidenced by their poverty and repression, but their goal is not to become more like us, it is to make us more like them. The first step to this end is to establish an enclave within the U.S. as they have in Europe where they can insinuate themselves and slowly pick away at the institutions that made this country great.  Those that come here seeking a better way and assimilation I welcome; those who wish to live as they do in their home country should leave!

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  • ChrisGreenwelt

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  • Gridlock

    Japanese prison population (in Japan 2009) = 75,250.

    Total Japan population = 127,076,183

    75,250 / 127,076,183 = 0.000592 * 100 = 0.0592% criminality rate.

    Whites (criminality rate varies greatly per nations) = USA White population 229,800,000 (2008). Whites in prison (2008) = 712,500 = 0.31% White population criminality rate.

    You cannot judge all dogs by breed alone, but genetics *DO MATTER*.

    Note that this reflects on IQ and national prosperity too.

    38.9 percent of all prisoners in the United States are black.

    (Total prison population of 2008 – ALL RACES = 2,424,279)

    Total # of blacks in prison = 943,045.

    Total black USA population = 37,909,341

    943,045 / 37,909,341 = 0.0248 = 2.48% of all USA blacks in prison.

    That’s 29.97% of the black population on Welfare + 2.48% of the black population in prison (the CAUGHT criminals) for their crimes = 32.45% of all blacks are worthless leeches.

    Based on the 2006 TOTAL population of each race in the United States population is on welfare:
    39% white 11,661,000 of 29,900,000 recipients 38% black 11,362,000 of 29,900,000
    17% Hispanic 5,083,000 of 29,900,000

    White total population 237,854,954
    Black total population 37,909,341
    Hispanic total population 42,687,224

    Welfare usage as percent of racial population: White = 4.9% = 11,661,000 / 237,854,954
    Black = 29.97% = 11,362,000 / 37,909,341
    Hispanic = 11.9% = 5,083,000 / 42,687,224

    Accept only those cultures that are not compulsively criminal and cultures that are not psychopathic in nature (no Muslims, no Jews, no blacks from failed nations, very minimal amount of Hispanics)

  • Davie

    It’s funny how the article is against multiculturalism and yet the first ad I saw was a Colombian dating service.

    • Wolfgang Riggins

      Thats google, I have no control over the ads placed, and besides,race/ethnicity and multiculturlism are 2 diff things. Hope you found something you liked. I did.

  • Jim House

    So who is behind the push for multiculturalism and why? What do they have to gain from it?

    • Wolfgang Riggins

      It depends. In the case of Europe (France,Germany, England), the Islamists are behind it and they have much to gain from it. They don’t participate in the culture of their host country but keep to themselves and essentially have created their own country within a country. Their goal is to spread their way of life instead of adopting the way of life of their host country. They don’t participtate in capitalism, so The majority of them are on government assistance addtionally weakening the society that they wish to change.

      Those here in the U.S. that promote multiculturalism are globalists/socialists and as such hate capitalism and the united states’ pre-eminence in the world. They don’t want the “melting pot” that made our country great they want to “balkanize” the U.S. which as I stated in the article will weaken if not destroy it.

  • Wolfgang Riggins

    Wow… the intellectual firepower of your comment really put me in my place.

  • liberaldude

    You’re a dickwad.

    • Wolfgang

      A quote from John Jay:

      This people and its country seem to have been made for each other, and appears as if it was the design of Providence that an inheritance so proper and convenient for a band of bretheren, united to each other by the strongest of ties, should never be split into an number of unsocial, jealous and alien sovereignties. (federalist papers, No.2 p.38)

    • Mark

      Ahhh, an intellectual….

    • Payton Davis

      Ever notice that the people who are offended because the truth hurts are usually the first to start with the name calling?

      In this cartoon, the dude has a bomb strapped to him, getting ready to blow himself and everyone around him up, everyone is to concerned with offending somebody than doing the right thing, sticking a boot in his upper colon and fight the fight worth fighting… this is no longer a matter of religion, this is a matter of who has the resolve to do what is necessary, and to do what has to be done and earn the right to survive. I for one would be the first to step up and fight for those who cant, but more importantly, those who wont. That’s what it means to be a true American. Now we are all hyphenated and divided into subgroups(African-Americans, Asian-Americans, etc.)

      In the words of Benjamin Franklin, Join or Die.

      If Americans don’t quit with the multi-culturism, the world we enjoy today as Americans will fall apart.

      United we stand, Divided we fall

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