Savannah Guthrie Admits the Media Not “Regular Americans”


savannah-guthrie-on-today_389x488An interesting thing happened while I was sipping my coffee and watching the Today show this Monday morning. The Today crew was sitting around the desk discussing President Obama’s address from the oval office last night when Savannah Guthrie shared her thoughts that the President’s address wasn’t for the political sector or for the people, including her, sitting around the desk on the set, but for “regular Americans”. Immediately, I thought hmmm…clearly Savannah doesn’t consider herself a “regular American”.

Hearing this very telling opinion from Savannah led me to make an analogy. If you are familiar with the books and movies of the Hunger Games you know that this is a story about a futuristic dystopian America where the political elite and media are part of the very modern, comfortable, wealthy, colorful metropolitan city of leadership. The “regular Americans” are divided up in districts where they are depicted as poor slaves dressed in brown tones. The drab colored districts are kept under control by an annual event called the Hunger Games. This annual event requires one “tribute” or candidate from each district to participate in the games. The tributes are selected through a lottery system where throughout the year tickets are put in the pot for each transgression you have against the government. The more disobedient you are throughout the year the better your chance of being selected as the tribute for your district. The game requires that the tribute fight the other tributes to the death. The victor gets to join in the comforts of the colorfuimagesl city and become a part of them.

Our government and media are willing to sacrifice a few drab tributes each year to further their agenda and ensure that their colorful city endures.

So let me be clear. Our president, his administration and the media are more than willing to sacrifice the lives of “Regular Americans” to further their own goals. In lockstep our President turns a blind eye to Islamic terrorism and our media attempts to explain it away.

Savannah, your right. You are not a regular American. You are part of the grotesque colorful city.

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