Top 10 Lies Government is currently telling the American People


  1. Global Warming. The Government is now desperately trying to convince the American population that Global Warming is a threat. So much so liar2that the State department has announced that it is a threat to National Security (never mind ISIS or Ebola). President Obama has recently tweeted “we should stick it to the global warming deniers”. The fact is that the earth has not warmed for 17 years and 11 months.
  2. Ebola. They have downplayed the Ebola threat from the start. Prior to patient #1 Obama said that it was highly unlikely to occur here in the U.S. As of this writing a 2nd healthcare worker has contracted the disease even though these folks were in full protective gear. The government still will not stop flight from West Africa.
  3. The Border. The Obama administration has told us over and over again that the borders are secure and at the same time, they make it difficult for border states to secure them. The reality is that thousands upon thousands of people are flooding across the southern border.
  4. WMD’s. As of this writing (today) we find that the government has been lying to us about the Weapons of Mass Destruction we have been told for years did not exist in Iraq. They in fact do and did exist.
  5. The economy is growing. NOT. Again the Obama administration is desperate hide the reality of our economic situation. They continually cite the unemployment rate of 5.9% and conveniently forget to mention that the labor participation rate is at historical lows.
  6. ISLAM and their war against us. President Obama is desperate to convince Americans that Islam has nothing to do with Isis and their ideology. So desperate in fact that when Major Hassan killed 13 servicemen in the name of Allah or when a grandmother in Kansas gets her head cut off by a man yelling Allah Akbar they deny Islam was any factor at all. In both cases the government termed it “workplace violence”.
  7. Racism. We are continually told that racism is a problem. Virtually everything and anything can be termed racist. This is the favorite tool of the left and the Obama administration. If you are “of color” you are protected. If you are white you are at risk of being labled racist to make you sit down and shut up! Eric Holder and the “justice dept” has led in this effort. He viciously goes after whites that defend themselves against blacks and turns a blind eye to blacks violating the law.
  8. Obamacare.The affordable care act is not affordable. And don’t forget…”you can keep your doctor”.
  9. Government surveillances. The NSA. Recent revelations from the hero Edward Snowden have shown that the government has been lying to America and directly to congress (James Clapper) about this issue.
  10. Targeting by the IRS. Although they have repeatedly denied it, the evidence is clearly that the leftist Lois Lerner; under the direction of the Obama administration has weaponized the IRS against conservatives.


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