CMU naked art student should be treated like a PERV. Since when does freedom of expression allow one to display ones genitalia?

Who gives a crap about what the half naked Carnegie Mellon University art student was wearing or how she had her pubic hair shaved! Freedom of expression does not give you the right to walk around town with your kooch on display.  She should be arrested for public indecency just like anyone else would have been.

Please take all of the controversy out of this story with regard to the “pope garb” and the “cross pubes” and focus on the fact that there are laws against walking down the street with no pants on! This woman should be treated like a pervert, arrested, and if convicted, made to register as a sex offender. Everyone reading this should call and voice their opinion to CMU and the PA state police.

CMU campus police (non-emergency) 412-268-6232

PA state police HQ (non-emergency) 717-783-5599

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