Ban Assault Style Pressure Cookers!

It is about time a serious problem in this country is addressed. I have known for years theĀ dangersĀ of assault style pressure cookers with high capacity chambers. In light of the recent attack, there needs to be legislation limiting the access of these devices.

Who needs a pressure cooker with a sixteen quart capacity? I’m not a hunter but I know it doesn’t take sixteen quarts to cook a deer.

There are currently no laws governing access to these cookers. Any criminal can just walk in off the street and buy whatever they want. There should be a background check, not only at dealers, but we need to close the cooking show loophole as well.

The powerful lobbying group, the NRA (National Restaurant Association) has opposed any sensible legislation to rid society of these dangerous cookers. They contend criminals will simply avoid background checks and steal cookers or get them at yard sales. It is estimated there are hundreds of thousands of these devices already in the hands of the public. A comprehensive registration program needs to be implemented to control private exchanges.

To those people who already own high capacity sixteen quart cookers, a limit of eight quarts should be implemented. Of course, police and military would be exempt for uses in the line of duty.

Nobody wants to take away the right to keep and bear pressure cookers but these common sense regulations would have a dramatic impact protecting our citizens. Please call your legislators and tell them to act immediately.


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