Ammunition Disappearing From Walmart Trucks in Transit

I received a report today that some interesting things are happening with the ammo shipments at Walmart. The ammunition is disappearing before it even gets to the store. It seems that when the clerks at Walmart check their handheld device, the ammunition is on the truck and they can “see” that it is making its way to the store, but quite often, when they check later in the day to see where the truck is; the ammo is no longer listed as being on the truck.

Normally I would say that this is a case of something “falling off” a truck Goodfellas style, but if that were the case, the ammo would be listed on the manifest on the computer as though it was still on the truck when it got to its destination store.

Why would ammo be listed as being on the truck when it leaves the distribution center only to disappear in transit? Are the ammo shipments being diverted somewhere else? Is big sis Janet Napolitano and the DHS intercepting these shipments for their own stash or is this just another way for them  to minimize access to ammunition?

Something is definitely up. Walmart is too big and too efficient a company for this to be a one off.

I asked if this has been happening with any of the other Walmart products and I was told no, just ammo.

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