O’ Brother, How Black Art Thou?

By Napoleon Carroll

Straight from one of our finer universities of left wing indoctrination comes Rob Parker, late of the ESPN morning show “First Take.” Mr. Parker has taken it upon himself to be the authority of the Blackness of a certain professional athlete. In Mr. Parker’s world of left wing psuedo-religious postmodernism, a Black man is not judged a real man unless he is “down with the cause.” Don’t judge him by something as trivial as the 10 commandments or even as pop cultural as Gibb’s Rules.

Let him be judged by the values of self appointed guardians of our culture such as Mr. Parker. How Black is Robert Griffin III according to Mr. Parker? Is he Blacker than O.J. Simpson?

How about our mixed race president? Chris Rock? Idi Amin? In history there have been famous men of many diffent races and creeds who are not judged by their color of their skin but their degree of good vs. evil. Adolf Hitler and Idi Amin are not judged by the color of their skin but by the number of innocents they murdered. Barry Bonds will not be denied the hall of fame for the color of his skin but for the quality of his character. Rob Parker will not be judged by the color of his skin but by the quality of his journalism. Hopefully, this will be in some backwater left wing cable show airing after midnight.

Rob Parker did himself in by only seeing the world through his liberal rose colored glasses. In the words of Clarence Thomas, Who after being told by a Democratic staffer that Black is a State of Mind, “That kind of all-us-black-folks-think-alike nonsense wasn’t part of my upbringing, and I saw it as nothing more than a way to herd blacks into a certain political camp.” More power to RGIII if he wants to be judged as more a part of the human race than the black race. Athletes in the past such as Jackie Robinson and Roberto Clemente tried to transcend race and be judged as just a man. It is sad to see that 40 years after the death of Bobby C, Mr. Clemente, that Professionl Athletes still have to fight against the left wing pressures to proscribe to a  certain doctrine. A.Whitney Brown responded to hearing that a group of white South Africans killed a lawyer because he was black, “That was wrong, they should have killed him because he was a lawyer.” I choose not to read or watch Rob Parker, not  because he is black, I choose not to read or watch  him because he is an Idiot.



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