Parasites And The Disease Of The Unearned

I was walking my two dogs in field by my house this morning and my sweet and gentle mutt happened upon a mole after much digging and sniffing around in the weeds, only to have my not so sweet German Shepard growl, snarl, steal it and swallow it down. How fucking rude I thought. After all that work, only have it stolen by someone who did nothing to deserve that tasty meal.

It reminded me that that is exactly how many individuals in this country (100 million receive federal assistance) live their lives. Supporting themselves as parasites on those that actually produce wealth through their hard work.

The welfare programs in the United States are endless; public housing assistance, rent assistance, emergency food assistance, 99 weeks of unemployment benefits and more. You get the idea. AND… approximately 50% of the population (and growing) pays no income tax but still receive the benefits of living in this country.

Next on the list is of course Social Security. Now I can just hear the howls of “I earned that money, because I paid in!” Well sort of, but after 4 years on average you have gotten back every dime you paid in (see ss.gov for stats), after that you are on my dime. You’re welcome. Actually you’re not welcome. I am forced to support you at the point of a gun by our government.

After 4 years of collecting, social security recipients are no better than that woman from Cleveland with her “Obama phone” and food stamps.

We have become a country of parasites who want the unearned and we become angry if politicians don’t steal it from those that earn it and give it to us. Oh… but we don’t call it stealing, we call it economic justice; as though its somehow unjust for someone who works hard to receive higher pay than someone who doesn’t work hard and who spends their time thinking about and watching X factor, dancing with the stars, football etc…

The desire for the unearned doesn’t stop at individuals. Corporations and Unions are also very much in the game. Oil companies, Solyndra, Fiskar motors are but a few corporate welfare recipients but the most recent high profile culprit is GM aka Government motors and the UAW. In a nut shell the government stole billions from bond holders (those that loaned GM money) and gave it to the United Auto Workers Union. What the fuck! GM union workers for years had been extracting more value from the company than they were providing which is why the company was losing money in the first place.

Investors believed GM bonds were a safe investment and that if bankruptcy occurred assets would be sold and they would be paid back THEIR money. That’s how bonds are supposed to work but when GM finally went bankrupt the government stepped in and ignored contract law, screwed the bond holders and gave their cash to the Unions.

Receiving the unearned is stealing. It doesn’t matter if the government steals it for you and it doesn’t matter if you delude yourself into thinking you somehow deserve it. If you didn’t earn it, it is still theft and it is morally wrong.

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