Moron Trivia

Every now and then Glenn Beck does a bit on his radio show where he talks to random people on the telephone and asks simple trivia questions. Howard Stern and Jay Leno do something similar where they stop people on the street and quiz them on common sense topics. The result of these little pop quizzes is that people can’t answer most of the questions. I am talking about questions like how many ounces are in a pound? If the president dies, who takes over? Name a president from the twentieth century?
For most everyone this is funny and very entertaining to see how dumb people can be. I guess it could make you feel good about yourself if you know the answers to the questions. I happen to think it is unbelievably sad. I don’t find it funny in the least. I honestly, cannot believe that people willfully live in this state of ignorance. These are grown adults with jobs and families. They drive cars, they have jobs, and they raise children. If this is what the average American looks like today, we have a serious problem. No wonder progressive government thinks we aren’t smart enough to live our own lives. If this is what a sampling of America looks like we are ripe to be over taken. Wake up and take control of your life or control will be taken and I can promise that you will be longing for the days when you had a choice.

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