Van’s Anti-American Values

Van Jones recently said in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine that the opponents to his values “should sit down and shut up”.  

It means I love Americans—the people who actually live here, who look all kind of different ways, who pray all kind of different ways, who love all kinds of people. And I challenge the people who are the opponents of my values to explain how they get to be patriots. As I say in the book, they seem to distrust the American government. They seem to dislike most of the American people. They seem to resent most of America’s achievements over the last century, including unions and public education and environmental protection and so many of the things that made the American century the American century. So I don‘t get why we don’t just tell them to sit down and shut up. They can complain if they like, but we have another century to win. We have another century to win!

In his comment, Van challenges the opponents to his values to explain how they get to be patriots.  Thats pretty funny coming from an avowed communist but it still begs the question…what are Vans values?  Well… we can surmise from his statement that freedom of speech is not one of them; he cleary wants all opposition to his views silenced.  This is not exactly a historical American value Van. See 1st amendment.

He also stated that he holds in very high regard public education; the same public education that has kept our children ranked among the bottom of the world in math and science. He offers no solution to this embarrassment except the usual liberal solution of throw more money at the problem.

Unions are another favorite of Vans and he supports them blindly. The teachers union responsible for the poor performance of our students and Van conveniently ignores this fact and as we all know the SEIU and many other unions often resort to thuggery, and support socialist causes. Van does not support the right to work unless you are paying union dues.

Another stated Value of Vans is government and government agencies. Enter The Environmental Protection Agency. This regulations generating juggernaut is responsible for more jobs lost than any other government agency. The EPA is single handedly destroying the coal industry through regulations and most recently is being used by the Obama administration to stop the Keystone pipeline. They are now beginning to put the squeeze on the drillers of natural gas. Van ignores the free market and values $60 light bulbs and green companies that produce solar panels no one wants. What a douche.

Regarding Vans comment that we seem to distrust the government. Hey Van..your fucking right we do. In fact Van…that’s what the constitution is all about. It protects the people from power whores such as yourself. You and your ilk do nothing but buy power with money you take from the productive class and give to those who live on the unearned.

Van… you despise the constitution and are not a patriot but an admitted communist. I am a patriot because I love the constitution and strive to live by it and oh by the way,  I WILL NOT SIT DOWN! I WILL NEVER SIT DOWN!


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