The Dependant Class Demands You Support Their Worthless Existence

The P.C. culture of today’s America says that I/you need to accept those that are different and that we must accept the cultures of others without question or judgement. Sorry folks but I can no longer ignore the reality of what the destructive cultures in this country have to offer, as long as I am paying for its follies. You’ve seen the worthless, dependant, drug addled, smelly hoards of the Occupy movement, now here is an example of what the black community has to offer.

The woman in this video is valueless.  She is disgusting and vile and is unfortunately representative of a rather large segment of our population, the dependant class.  She is in a sub-segment of the dependant class which is the dominant culture within the black community that values things like mysogynistic music, pants that reveal the crack of ones ass, poor performance in school and having babies like alley cats. In a nutshell it is a culture that is shameful, disgusting and the reason this woman is what she is. It is also a culture that (like the Occupy dopes) expects YOU to pay for its existence. So… open up that wallet and continue to vote Democrat.

“Somebody needs to pay for all my children and my – for all my suffering. Somebody needs to be held accountable, and they need to pay.”

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