5 ways Barack Obama is dividing us as a country.

United we stand divided we fall!

To understand someone’s intentions; ignore what they say, but pay close attention to what they do; and pay particular attention to the results of their actions. The biblical saying, “you will know them by their fruit” is quite instructive when it comes to Barrack Obama. If you haven’t noticed… his fruit is rotten. Everything has gotten worse since he has become president and it is by design, for how else would he “fundamentally change” our country?

He knows that as things get worse the American public is more and more likely to look to government to solve its problems, and so he will systematically divide us until we fall; and then predictably cry out to government to “fix” it, easily trading away our freedoms.

His words are of the feel good variety, they are soothing, seductive and pleasant to listen to, but they hide the stark reality of his true intentions and ultimate goals. His platitudes of social justice, and fairness will require you to surrender your liberty to an ever growing and ever more powerful government.

“The greatest tyrannies are always perpetrated in the name of the noblest causes.”— Thomas Paine

1.        Class warfare —He is waging class warfare like no other president in recent memory. Here he stirs in America the lowest, most base and darkest of human emotions; greed and envy. He points at the so-called rich and says “They have money, and lots of it. It’s not fair that they have it and you don’t. We should take some; that would be fair”.

He calls them “Rich” or “Fat Cat” for a reason. They are loaded words that drips with disgust and gluttony and so is easily used as means to target specific groups of people. He doesn’t call them the “creative” or the “hard working” or the “job creators” or the highly motivated, he calls them the “RICH” and he implies they don’t deserve what they have. 

The divide between the haves and the have-nots has become wider under the Obama administration, not because capitalism is unfair as he would have you believe, but because of ever worsening CRONY capitalism. The best example is of course General Electric and the very close relationship it has with the Obama administration. Under true capitalism (which we haven’t had for over 70yrs) and the free market system you gain the upper hand in the market place by providing a superior product or service, which is why an unknown entrepreneur can suddenly become a millionaire. Under Obama’s crony-capitalism, if you “play ball” you will get protection from having to compet with upstart companies and you will receive lucrative government contracts. This type of cronyism has gone on under many administrations but B.O. has perfected it. Do I need to mention bailouts?

 2.        Ethnically / Racially—He time and time again ignores racial slights that negatively affect whites and “favor” darker complected folks. True justice, the rule of law and fairness take a backseat to race and he makes no apologies for it. Most famously his department of justice ignored/dismissed a case against the Black Panthers intimidating white folks at a polling booth. Do you think if the situation were reversed the outcome would be the same? I don’t either.

 Have you noticed the growing anti-semitism? Its now called anti-zionism. The church he attended for more than 20 years, has had many nasty things to say regarding Israel and Jews in general and it seems to have affected his foreign policy. He insists that Israel go back to the 1967 lines (which Israeli’s call the Aushwitz lines). He was recently caught speaking to French President Sarkozy about how he disliked working with Benjamin Netanyahu as Sarkozy called Netanyaho a liar.

The border. Need I say more? How about Fast and Furious. 

3        Politically—the political divide has never been wider, and it is growing. He continually blames congressional republicans for his inability to “get anything done” but lets not forget that democrats controlled both the senate and the house for the first 2 yrs of his term. He derides the Tea Party but embraces the Occupy freaks. Most worrisome is that he now is using executive order to ram through his agenda, by passing congress as though he is a dictator.

4.        Morally—Obama’s version of Christianity as taught by the Reverend Wright teaches that redistribution of wealth is morally correct; though nowhere in the bible does it state that GOVERNMENT should TAKE from some and give to others. On the contrary…taking from one for the benefit of another is considered stealing and runs a foul of the teachings of the Bible. Charity has nothing to do with government. Government, by compelling us to part with our hard earned money so it can “redistribute” it to those it deems needy, not only strips us unfairly of our hard earned money but also of the spiritual lift and good will one receives when giving directly to those in need.

5.        Socially—He has stated his support for the Occupy Movement which is filled with Anarchists, Revolutionaries, and Communists that have clearly stated that they wish to destroy the fabric of our society and make it nearer to their hearts desire.  Obama has allied himself with the perpetrators of rapes, shootings, public sex, masturbation, and vandalism because he wishes to use the Occupy Movement to further his agenda of fundamental change of our country.

He is causing division between the young and old. On several occasions both Obama and Biden, when speaking to young audiences suggested the audience “new better” than their parents and recommended they “educate” their parents in the ways of liberal politics.


As HE slowly divides us as a country and as we sink into an economic abyss, Barrack Obama  continues to speak of the wonderful utopia he would create if only we would let him. DO NOT LET HIM.

“The attempt to make heaven on earth invariably produces hell.” — Karl Popper



1 comment to 5 ways Barack Obama is dividing us as a country.

  • Gigi

    Yep, always call it “class warfare” when the poorer people fight the wealthy. However, it’s always been ok for wealthy people to call poor people “lazy” or “immoral” and demand tax cuts that benefit themselves at the expense of other people.

    Let’s face it, you’re just a butt-hurt white person who can’t handle America being not all about you.

    Fyi, I’m white.

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