Liberals Don’t Think, They Feel

I love the saying, “If your under 30 and not a liberal you have no heart, and if your over 30 and not a conservative you have no brain”. It speaks a great truth ie.. liberals generally don’t think, they feel. They feel that there should be no poor and so they make the judgement that the rich should pay to bring them out of poverty.  Because they shun clear thinking for a warm fuzzy feeling and they haven’t thought it through, they fail to understatnd that by taxing/penalizing the producers who provide jobs, there will be fewer jobs and thus more poor.  Jesus said “The poor will always be with us”, except maybe in this country where many of  “The Poor” have big screen tv’s a PS3, and a BMI of 60.  

 They also feel that if we could eliminate government spending on the military and get rid of our nuclear arms we would live in peaceful world without war. Oh yea, and just think of all the wonderful social programs we could spend that money on. How dreamy! Of course no one wants war, but there will always be and has always been a despot in the world that needs to be defended against. War will always be with us (like the poor), so as a great man once said,  “If you want peace, prepare for war.”

Just like a child, sometimes there feelings are misplaced and confused. Take for instance how they will advocate for the killing of babies and at the same time protect the life of a tree or tiny fish at the expense of people. Often their positions on issues are convoluted and contradictory, but thats what you get when you base your life and view of the world on feelings. It is as though the realities of life are too much to bear for liberals. They reject the simple but hard answers for the  ineffective feel good fix.

4 comments to Liberals Don’t Think, They Feel

  • D Day

    So true Mr. Riggins.

  • I believe that the good news is that the shroud is falling – and the population is gradually seeing that “touchy – feely”, Hope and Change is nothing but an advertising campaign, right out of Edward Bernay’s marketing 101.
    We’re getting closer…


  • Dick Bricker's future son-in-law

    Ho ho, astute observations, Riggins. Simply stated words but the sentiment and thought which flow like the Gulf Stream. I lived the “under 30” typical liberal vibe, even protested against Bush 41 when Quayle’s wife spoke in Leesburg, FL. But after my BA, and after I lived in the real world for a while, and noted how taxes and individual effort works in our society, I started asking questions. The answers I found started me thinking critically about my role in society, and what is fair and what is not. Hence, with all of its shortcomings, I switched from D to R on the card in my wallet and I was off to a life where attempting to base decisions on rationality versus emotions was attempted. And then I got married and I had to bend a little, but that’s another story. Salute to Common Sense!

  • I couldn’t agree more with this piece. Great perspective on Liberalism.


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