The Tea Party Has Been Out Maneuvered

Washington is an amoral bastion of thieves and whores. Post the November election many of the thieves and whores that have been kicked out of office and surprisingly the thieves and whores that somehow got re-elected are continuing with their old ways. The Omnibus bill is 1.27 trillion dollars (as if we can afford it) and it is loaded up with over 20000 thousand earmarks. A lot pork to take home. Spend, spend, spend! Surprisingly or perhaps not surprisingly the thieves on the left want to take even more of your money and are very upset about the recent tax bill not taxing enough. They should be happy to know that the deal agreed to by Obama to extend the Bush tax cuts adds greatly to the deficit and debt by extending unemployment to embarrassing lengths of time. All that said…here is my gripe. Nothing has changed. The Tea Party has been out maneuvered; the spending continues, and the country continues to move in the direction of economic collapse. The slow drip, drip, drip of socialism and the loss of liberty also continues. Kruschev was right when he said “We will spoon feed you socialism and you will become communists without even firing a shot”. Its happening folks!

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